• PPH (Postpartum Hemorrhage) is very unpredictable and every parturient woman is at risk of having PPH. PPH is all about – Predict, Prepare and Handle.
  • The accurate estimation of blood loss is the most important key factor before the clinical signs appear and it is often underestimated in present clinical practice. Because of delay in diagnosis GOLDEN hour is missed and patients land up in a near-miss morbid condition in a state of shock which can cause the death of the mother. Timely resuscitation is a must for better survival.


  • This idea is to eliminate the under-diagnosis and loss of the golden hour. So timely measures are taken by the treating obstetricians and team to curb maternal mortality. With the help of my mentor- parents and technical guidance, I designed the postpartum cup. Checked its feasibility and effectiveness in clinical practice. The postpartum cup works wonder in accurately estimating the postpartum obstetric blood loss. Things should start here and society should walk the talk to save maternal life.


  • Life-saving, Practical, Convenient, Healthier, Economical, Comfortable, Easy to use, and Eco friendly.


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